ION Audio

Product Reviews

ION iCADE - Best of Show winner at Mobile Mag.

"iCADE for iPad is the old-school arcade cabinet we’ve always wanted."

ION TAPE EXPRESS - Product Review from

"All a user needs to do is connect the Tape Express to the PC via USB, and allow the EZ tape converter software to turn that tape into an MP3 in hardly any time at all."

ION LP 2 CD - Product Review from

"Just put the needle to the groove and hit the record button, and the LP2CD will suck the recording into its memory. Hit the Burn Disc button when you're done and presto!"

ION SLIDES 2 PC - Father’s Day Gift Guide on

"We need affordable, simple, and good quality, and this is what ION delivers."

ION DRUM ROCKER - Product Review from Cheat Code Central

"One of the best gaming accessories we've ever had the privilege of beating up."

ION BLOCK ROCKER - Product Review from CNET TV

Reporter Donald Bell states it will, "knock your socks off."

ION BLOCK ROCKER - Product Review from

Ion Audio Block Rocker portable sound system for iPod

ION TTUSB05 - Product Review from

Ion Audio Introduces Two New USB Turntables

iPA03 - Product Feature from

Blog featuring the iPA03 from a user's point of view...

ION TTUSB05 - Product Review from

Turn your 45s and LPs into MP3s...

ION TTUSB10 - Product Feature from

The hottest accessories for your MP3...

ION TTUSB - Product Review from

Dust off your vinyl and video and add them to your CD and DVD collection...